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The registration should contain:

  • First and last name of the author (co-author);
  • Institution you work for and occupation;
  • Contact information (e-mail, phone number, address);
  • Title of the paper and abstract in one of the languages  in Bosnia and Herzegovina (up to 150 words, Times New Roman, font size 12, single-spaced) and in English;
  • Keywords (up to 5 words) in one of the languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in English;
  • *One author (co-author) can't be registered for more than two papers.



Conference objective

The thematic areas of the conference seek to define the following objective: “balancing the three key factors, i.e. three pillars of sustainable development:

  • sustainable development of economy, commerce and technology,
  • sustainable development of the society based on social balance and environmental protection through rational management of natural resources”.


Scientific committee

  • President:Risto Kozomara, PhD (Pan-European University “APEIRON”, Banja Luka, RS, B&H)
  • Vice President: Esad Jakupović, PhD (Pan-European University “APEIRON”, Banja Luka, RS, B&H)

Organizing committee

  • President: Veljko Đukić, Phd (Pan-European University “APEIRON”, Banja Luka, RS, B&H)
  • Vice President: Siniša Aleksić, MA (Pan-European University “APEIRON”, Banja Luka, RS, B&H)



Pan-European University APEIRON
Banja Luka - for multidiscipline and virtual studies is an independent higher education institution, which is based on the principles of public and private partnership.

  • Pan-European University Institute
  • Library
  • Publishing Center
  • College Business Incubational Center
  • University’s Business Club
  • Career Guidance Center
  • University’s Public Relation Center
  • University’s Sports Center
  • Distance-Learning Center
  • IT Laboratories
  • Professional Laboratorie 

Conference themes

The conference is open to all relevant aspects of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation.

  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Health and quality of life
  • Civil society as a partner in sustainable development
  • Sustainable development indicators
  • Poverty reduction through sustainable development projects
  • Sustainable community development
  • Water and energy supply
  • Agricultureand sustainabledevelopment
  • Protection of nature in the concept of tourism development
  • Education as the most important factor of development
  • Sustainableuse of forest products
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Sustainable production and biodiversity
  • Sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Application of sustainable technologies in economic development
  • Investment
  • Information support in the service of sustainable development
  • Legal aspects of environmental protection
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Economic incentives
  • Other  current topics


  •  Municipality Mrkonjic Grad is located in the Sout-Western part of Republika Srpska in th Western part of Bosnia and Hercegovina. The territory is characterized by various mine and mineral resources buth a very low level of research. See more
  • Municipality of Ribnik * see more


Contact person:

  1. Marijana Petković, B.S.L.
    phone/fax: 00387 51 24 79 18
  2. Veljko Đukić, Phd ,
    phone: 00387 65 722 097;
  3. Radovan Vučenović, B.Com.Sc
    phone: 00387 51 247 913
    00387 65 670 364;

Location in Banjaluka

Registration fee

Registration fee of 50 euros (100 KM) can be paid into the following account: 555-007-0122-4960-28 of the Pan-European University „Apeiron“ (indicate: Conference Icasus). Guests from abroad can pay the registration fee upon arrival.

Registration fee includes:

  • accreditation materials
  • cocktail party
  • proceedings
  • certificate
  • excursion


Companies whose activities are related to sustainable development and environmental protection

  • can be a sponsor of the conference,
  • can set a booth and present their company (registration fee: 500 KM), or they
  • can hold a 30-minute presentation on their activites (registration fee: 500 KM).